Elijah Alford & Hannah Higley Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Elijah Alford  and Hannah Higley family. They were both born in Simsbury, CT but spent their married life in Berkshire County, MA. After Elijiah's death, Hannah moved to Vermont with some of her children. In 1783, she remarried to Seth Porter. Seth died in 1800 while Hannah lived until 1823.


Elijiah Family Group Sheet


Elijiah Birth Record


Hannah Birth Record


Marriage Record


Military 01   02   03   -  Elijiah served brief stints as a soldier in the French & Indian Wars for his CT town. Those shown are 1755, 1757 & 1758 respectively.


Ear Mark  -   Elijiah registered his ear mark brand with the town. It was common to do so.


Hannah's 2nd Marriage


Elijiah Death Record


Elijiah Grave Marker


Hannah Death Record


Hannah Grave Marker


Probate - Elijiah's estate.


Guardianship - Elijiah and Hannah's children were minors when Elijiah died. Hannah had to post a Guardian Bond. It contains Hannah's signature.


Their Children :


Elijiah     Ashael     Amasa     Amasa     Abner     Amos     Hannah

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