Abraham Anthony & Alice Wodell Family


Abraham Anthony held some prominent positions in the government of the colony including Speaker of the House. He had a very large family of 13 children with wife Alice Wodell. Abraham's brother John married Alice's sister. The Wodells were classified as religious dissenters and the girl's father was jailed for a time in Massachusetts which claimed Rhode Island as part of their colony. He was known as a "Gortonite" who followed the teachings of Samuel Gorton, an outspoken Puritan critic. Eventually the elder Wodell associated with the Quakers. Both Abraham and Alice lived to ripe old ages given the times and conditions.




Abraham Anthony Family Group Sheet


Abraham Birth Record


Alice Birth Record


Marriage Record


Property Records


Town Records


Abraham Death Record


Alice Death Record


Abraham Probate


Abraham & Alice Children :


John     Susannah     William      Mary     Susannah     Mary     Amey    Isaac     Abraham     Thomas    Alice     James    Jacob




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