James Bates & Alice Glover

James and his family came to Massachusetts Bay in 1635. They arrived aboard the ship Elizabeth and settled in Dorchester. James and Alice lived another 20 years. They were among the first to be known as Bates rather than Bate.



James Bates Family Group Sheet


James Birth Record


Alice Birth Record


Marriage Record - This is a record of the issuance of a marriage license by records in the Canterbury Archives


List of passengers on the Elizabeth - All the passengers who came to America


James Bate Bio


1st Settlers of Dorchester


Clap Mill - Mill built by James Bates


Will Extract of Richard Bate - Son of James and Alice. Mentions Alice


James Death Record


Alice Death Record




Their Children :


Thomazine     William     Richard     Thomazine     Lydia     Mary     Margaret     John     James




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