Charles Beaujean & Anna Kimberly Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Charles Beaujean family. He was a soldier in the American Revolution. He was known as Pierre Charles Beaujean in Guadeloupe and seemed to split his time between New England and Guadeloupe. He died in 1799 in Guadeloupe reportedly of Yellow Fever. He left two wives and two families. Charles married Anna Kimberly in 1779 and had 3 children. She is the person who eventually claimed his Revolutionary War pension. Anna raised the 3 children and moved the family to New York. She eventually moved to Mayville, NY to be near her son Moses. She lived until 1844.


Charles married Lucy Snow in 1784 and had 4 children with her. There is no evidence he had contact with his first family after his second marriage. He spent his remaining years shuttling between Newburyport, Massachusetts and the island of Guadeloupe.



Charles Beaujean Family Group Sheet with Anna Kimberly


Charles Beaujean Family Group Sheet with Lucy Snow


Charles Birth Record


Anna Birth Record


Marriage Record - Charles & Anna


Charles and Lucy  :    Marriage Intentions    Marriage Record


Charles Beaujean Revolutionary War Pension file     This is a treasure trove of genealogical information. Letters from Charles to his fiance and later wife, Anna, are one example.


Anna Beaujean Revolutionary War Pension Award


Charles Beaujean Revolutionary War Service Records


Charles Beaujean Revolutionary War Muster Rolls


Marriage Announcement -


Marriage of the grand-daughter of Nancy Beaujean Reade. Nancy is the daughter of Charles Beaujean. She and her siblings lived with their mother Anna . Nancy married Lemuel Reade. This announcement is for the daughter of her son John Green Read(e).


Charles Death Record


Anna Death Record


Newspaper article referring to Charles as a French Officer :  This was in 1794 and mentions his brother Moses as well.


Charles' and Anna's children   :   


Michael Moses     Mary Ann     Nancy Alma



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