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This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Bühler family. They originated in Germany. The major difficulty has been locating the family town or village in Germany. After a search of more than 20 years I located the town in which Anton was born. It is Wolfach in Southeastern Germany in the Black Forest. It is apparent Bühlers (along with the associated families of Faller, Schrempp and Dreher) came from small towns in that area. This was a momentous discovery.


Jörg Bühler                1689 - 1750 (updated 06 August 2019)


Jacobus Bühler         1725 - 1772   (updated 08 August 2019)


Joseph Bühler           1763 - 1830   (updated 01 August 2019)


Bonifaz Bühler           1798 - 1862 The names of Anton's parents were initially known because they were listed on his marriage certificate.


Anton Bühler              1841 - 1909

Fredericka Bühler      1863 - 1910  Fredericka married Jerome Henry Reider


Other Bühlers



Updated on 23 June 2019

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