Charles Washington Conway & Phebe Ann Woodmansee Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Charles W. Conway family. Charles was a physician who died in an epidemic in 1829. This picture is from an Atlas of Highland County and shows Phebe approaching her 80s. She died in 1883. Phebe spelled her name this way her entire life.

Charles W. Conway Family Group Sheet


Phebe Woodmansee Conway Driskill Family Group Sheet - This is Phoebe's family with her second husband.


Marriage Record Index


Marriage Record

Federal Census Records :   1820   1830   1840   1850   1860   1870   1880  Charles is only shown in the 1820 census as he died in 1828. Phebe is shown in the remaining census records which will show her as Phebe Driskill. She married John Driskill (1803 - 1849) in 1829.


Land Records - Charles and Phebe had a tremendous amount of land inherited from Charles' father Joseph Conway. He and Phebe did a lot of buying and selling.


Charles Washingon Conway Grave Marker - He is buried in the Burnett Cemetery located in New Vienna, OH


Phebe Ann Woodmansee Conway Driskill Obituary - This is from a local newspaper noting Phebe's passing in 1883.

Phebe died in 1883 at the home of her son-in-law Isaac Cox and her daughter Sarah Conway Cox. She is buried in Highland Cemetery located in Highland County, Ohio. Her nephew James Woodmansee was her conservator for the last several years of her life.


Phebe Grave Marker




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