Johann Christian Dannappel - William Denaple & Barbara Bilz


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Johann Christian who became William Denaple in America. He is the one who emigrated in 1831 or 1832 with his first wife (Engel Caroline Appel) and 3 children. The family eventually moved to Akron, Ohio where Caroline died on January 28, 1839 of jaundice. He remarried about a month later in February 1839 to Barbara Bilz and had several more children. He applied for citizenship in 1844 and changed his name to William Denaple. He opened a saddler business using the leather skills traditional in the family. William died in January 1862 in Akron at the age of 66.


Johann Christian (William Denaple) Dannappel Family Group Sheet With First Wife Engel Caroline Appel

Johann Christian (William Denaple) Dannappel Family Group Sheet With Second Wife Barbara Bilz

Federal Census Records:


William Denaple    1850  1860


Barbara Denaple   1870  1880  1900


Johann Christian Dannappel Birth Record - This is the church register of Luebeck showing the 1795 birth of the original Denaple immigrant.


Dannappel Request to Emigrate from Germany - 1831


William Denaple Naturalization document - This is the document grants citizenship to William and his family.


Akron Directory - This listing shows the William Denaple family. It also shows his place of business with his partner Uprighton and Denaple.


Quitclaim Deed to Barbara Denaple - This is a quitclaim deed following William's Death. It is from his children by his first wife to Barbara selling their interest in William's property.


Land Records for William and Barbara   :  


Barbara Denaple Death Record - Barbara Bilz was the second wife of William and the mother of Charles B.


Barbara Denaple Listing in Summit County Death Register


William Denaple Grave Marker


Barbara Bilz Denaple Grave Marker

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