Johannes (Hans) Reiter & Gertrud Moosmann Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Johannes Reiter family. Johannes (known as Hans) and wife Gertrud both came from families with deep roots in this area dating back over 100 years or more. Like many families of this time they had a very large family in hopes some would survive to adulthood. Sadly this was only the case for a few of their children but fortunately for us, one of them is our ancestor Josef. After Hans died Gertrud finally sold the farm to son Stefan :   "On 29.5.1714 the widow Gertrud Moosmann sells the house and field in Tennenbronn auf Berg to the son Stephan Reuter (CP Schramberg, bl. 113).


Johannes Reiter Family Group Sheet

Johannes Birth Record


Gertrud Moosmann Birth Record


Marriage Record


Johannes Death Record


Gertrud Death Record


Children of Hans & Gertrud:


Josef     Christina     Stefan     Anna     Franciscus     Maria     Margaretha     Johann Melchior     Lucia


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