Severin Reiter & Josephine Klausner Family

We have no pictures of Severin or Josephine


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Severin Reiter family. We have no pictures of Severin or Josephine. Severin was born in Sulgen and came to Schramberg with his parents sometime after 1834. It was there he met Josephine (Josepha) Klausner. Severin and Josepha were married in June of 1855. They applied to emigrate in August of the same year. They departed sometime in September and made their way to the port of Havre, France where they boarded the ship Germania for the trip to America. They arrived at the newly opened Castle Garden, New York Immigration Station on October 12, 1855 and made their way to the small town of Scranton, PA where Severin's older brother John had settled some years before. Severin became a tailor. In 1857, a son, Jerome Henry, was born in Scranton. Son James was born in April of 1859 but died several months later. The family returned to Germany during the American Civil War and their daughter Josephine was born there. Severin had become an American citizen right before leaving America and had applied for a passport to return to Germany. The family returned to America in 1866 and settled in Paterson, NJ. Severin died in 1880 amd Josephine died in 1901.


Severin Reider Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records :  1860    1870    1880    1900  (Josephine)


Mortality Census 1860 - Son James Reider was born in April 1859 and died in Dec 1859 from "teething fits" .


New Jersey State Census Records :  1875   1885   1892 Josephine living with daughter and son-in-law


Severin Reider Birth Record - This is a copy of the church Tauf (Baptism) Register for Schramberg Germany. Severin and his siblings were actually born in nearby Sulgen.


Josephine Klausner Birth Record - Same source as Severin's listed above


Marriage Record - This is from the Schramberg Church Register


Marriage Record - English translation of the record


Severin and Josephine Reiter Passenger Manifest : Manifest from the Ship Germania which docked in New York October 12, 1855


Severin and Josephine Emigration Record - From a German Index. They made their way from Schramberg to the port of Havre, France where they boarded the Germania. The ship left on the 8th September, 1855


Germania : A description of the ship that Severin and Josephine took to America


Arrival - Notice of Germania's arrival in the newspaper


Scranton Directory - Shows Severin and his brother John on pages 45 and 62


Paterson Directory - Index of Reider listings. These include brother John and his children. Anton Buhler is listed as well.


Severin's Naturalization - He became a naturalized citizen right before applying for a passport. He was returning to Germany to avoid the American Civil War


Declaration of Intent  (1859)    Final Naturalization  (1861)


Severin Reider's Passport Application


Severin and his family left America during the Civil War and returned to Schramberg. Their daughter Josephine was born in Schramberg in 1863. They returned to America in 1865 or 1866 and settled in Paterson, NJ.


Index of Deeds - Reider Deeds in New Jersey


Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps :   1887   1899   1915  These are maps created by the Sanborn Fire Insurance Companies. The Reider plots of land in Paterson, New Jersey are outlined.


Reider Newspaper Articles


Severin Reider Death Certificate


Severin Reider Death Record - Passaic County Death Records


Severin Reider Cemetery Record


Severin Reider Probate


Severin Reider's Will


Inventory of Severin Reider at Probate


Josephine Klausner Reider Death Certificate - Josephine died in 1901. Cause of death was bronchitis.


Josephine Klausner Reider Cemetery Record - She is buried in the Holy Sepulchre Cemtery in Passaic County, NJ


Josephine Klausner Reider's Probate Information


Their Children :


Jerome     James     Josephine



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