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Burton Rider Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Records  :   1880   1900  1910   1920   1930


New York State Census Records :  1892   1905  1915   1925


Wedding Invitation - Invitation to the 1885 wedding in Cedar Lake.


Newspaper Announcement of Marriage of B.L. Rider and Lottie Goodier - 1885


Enlistment Record - New York State Enlistment Record for Burton for Spanish-American War


Enlistment Record - Federal Enlistment Record


Burton Rider Spanish American War Letters 1898 -


Burton enlisted in the New York National Guard unit raised at the start of the Spanish American War. His unit was composed of men from Oswego County. Although he never left the US, he was posted to various camps mostly on the Eastern Seaboard. He wrote many letters to his wife Laura and his children. These letters were preserved by the family and eventually under the care of his grandson and namesake H. Burton Underwood. Burt and his wife painstakingly transcribed the letters and published copies for their children. It was a monumental task but done with care and precision. The results shown in this link are that transcription along with copies of the original letters written over 115 years ago. This is a large pdf but well worth the read.


Burton Spanish American War Discharge Paper


1 May 1898 Oswego Daily Times - Souvenir Edition of local paper as men departed for Spanish American War


Burton's Union Card - Burton was a proud member of the Carpenters Union.


Carpenter's Union Roster


Burton Rider Pension Card


Burton Rider Critically Injured


Burton Rider Death Certificate


Burton Rider Obituary -   01   02   03


Laura Rider Death Certificate


Laura Goodier Rider Obituary and funeral announcements -  01   02   03


Laura Rider Probate Index


Laura Rider Will


Laura Goodier Rider Gravestone


Burton Lynn Rider Gravestone


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Pictures - B.L. Rider family pictures


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