Reider Family Ancestors



John J Reider in Feb 1942 at age 18


The Reider family originated in the Black Forest area of Germany. As with most surnames, it was spelled in a variety of ways including Reider, Reiter, Reitter, & Reutter to name a few. In Germany it was never spelled with a "D". That change happened slowly in America and became standardized in the 1880s. The German towns of our Reiter ancestors included Schramberg, Sinzheim, Lauterbach, Mariazell & Tennenbronn. The original immigrant ancestor was Severin Reiter who came to this country in October of 1855 along with his wife Josephine Klausner Reiter. The links below will take you to additional information about the Reider/Reiters and their associated ancestral lines. I do owe a debt of gratitude to Martin Dilger who is a 4th cousin in Germany. We share a common ancestor in Severin Reiter's father also known as Severin. He has graciously translated many of the church documents for my ancestors. Here is a link to his family history website: Dilger Family


Ahnentafel (generation by generation list) of all the direct line ancestors of John J. Reider (1923-1994) who is the father of Mark Edward Reider.


Also below you will find links to the 1860 and 1870 U.S. census records for Severin and see some of the creative spelling. In the 1860 census (Scranton, PA)  he is Xepherin Rider with an occupation of "taylor". In the 1870 census (Paterson, NJ), he is Samuel Rider with an occupation of tailor. In between the 1860 and 1870 census, Severin, Josephine and Henry went home to Germany to sit out the US civil war. Their daughter Josephine was born back in Schramberg, Germany in 1863. After the war, they returned to America and settled in Paterson, New Jersey.


Anton Bühler came to Amercia with his second wife, her children and his daughter Fredericka in the 1870s. She married Jerome Henry Reider in 1883 in New Jersey and they raised a large family. In 1909, Anton Bühler died in Los Angeles. Fredericka inherited her father's estate including his house and the whole Reider family moved to California. Most of the descendants of this family still live in California or other west coast locations. Unfortunately, Fredericka died soon after the move and her children inherited her estate with their father Jerome H. as guardian. He was required to give an accounting of all of his spending in court documents. Jerome died in 1919 and left his small estate to his children. All of the links in this paragraph lead to probate and estate documents.


1860 census                   1870 census

Surviving Reider siblings visiting Taft, California in 1921

Mary, Jerome, John, Bill, Carrie and Joseph


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17 January 2021