Underwood & Rider Family Ancestors

The Underwood family as well as many of its associated families have been in America since the 1600s. The Rider family of Burt's mother also dates back to the same time. There are several towns in areas such as Massuchusetts where many ancestral families can be found in the town records. I have recently added and extended several lines of allied families including some back to the 11th century. One ancestor was one of the Barons who guaranteed the Magna Carta. He was the Duke of Winchester Saer Quencey who was lated killed on one of the Crusades in the early 13th century. The work on this area is still going on so all the pieces are not yet on the web site. This line of the family goes from Burt back an incredible 27 generations to Saer and his wife Margaret de Beaumont born in 1155. In addition, Burt is the 26th great grandson of William the Conqueror. All of this is possible due to Olive Welby (wife of Henry Farwell) whose ancient lineage is well documented.

Relationship Chart of the direct line ancestors from Harry Burton Underwood (father of Christie Lee Underwood Reider) to William the Conqueror.


Hingham to Hollywood  This is a narrative of the Underwood family from Joseph Underwood who came to America in 1637 to H. Burt Underwood.

H. Burt Underwood looking very dapper. This picture was taken in the 1940s.




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Updated on 17 January 2021

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