Reider-Underwood Genealogy

New Gedcom
August 13, 2019 - 9:27:13 p.m.

New gedcom posted today. An update of several hundred individuals and families.

Reider-Underwood Genealogy
April 3, 2019 - 6:52:03 p.m.

In 1974, I was tasked to study my family in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and compare their movements or actions to the time period of U.S. History. This would be a "Senior Thesis" prior to my graduation from college. I knew little about my family and so set out (with the help of my brother and mother) to uncover a bit of Reider/Heath family history. In the 40+ years since that time, I have endeavored to learn more about my ancestors and have added the ancestors of my wife (Underwood/Denaple) as well. In that regard, I am carrying on the work of my wife's mother and her late Aunt Bert who have been researching their lines. I also want to thank Herr Martin Dilger (a 4th cousin) for all of his help in German research and translating German church records. For more information go to :

New Gedcom
July 10, 2018 - 6:12:30 p.m.
Thanks to Martin Dilger for a massive update on the Reider/Reiter/Reuter family. His efforts have made my research into my fathers ancestors possible. Kudos to my German Cousin !
Statistics — Reider-Underwood Genealogy
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Average age at death
Males: 57   Females: 56
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Reider-Underwood Genealogy
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Top 10 surnames
HUNSICKER (297), Reuter (291), REITER (227), Rider (188), MOOSMANN (154), GOODIER (121), STORZ (106), Cox (101), SPRAGUE (102), Wilson (95)
Upcoming events
Julia Estella DenapleFebruary 25, 195961Death
Xenia PriorFebruary 25, 194971Death
Daniel WeissFebruary 25, 1890130Death
Anna Margaretha HunsickerFebruary 25, 1871149Death
Isaac Clark Van HookFebruary 25, 1840180Birth
PrudenceFebruary 25, 1839181Death
Maria HunsickerFebruary 25, 1833187Birth
Mary Elizabeth UnderwoodFebruary 25, 1825195Birth
Waldburg ReiterFebruary 25, 1820200Birth
Joseph ReiterFebruary 25, 1817203Birth
Catharina ReuterFebruary 25, 1811209Death
Sophia HochsteinFebruary 25, 1806214Birth
James KenyonFebruary 25, 1799221Birth
Kunegund HörFebruary 25, 1773247Birth
David BuellFebruary 25, 1749271Death
Magdalena ÖhlerFebruary 25, 1657363Birth
Apolonia LorenzFebruary 25, 1642378Birth
Mathias VogelFebruary 25, 1629391Birth
Isaac LEARNEDFebruary 25, 1623397Birth
Joseph PlumbFebruary 25, 1602418Birth
Henry C. Barnes + Emeline WilsonFebruary 25, 1871149Marriage
Joseph Crosby Rider + Tacy Lucina SissonFebruary 25, 1855165Marriage
Charles Peter BEAUJEAN + Zeruah COOKFebruary 25, 1835185Marriage
Thomas MARTIN + Anne REDMONDFebruary 25, 1816204Marriage
David Killey + Hannah WoodmanseeFebruary 25, 1730290Marriage
Samuel Ingraham + Sarah BROOKSFebruary 25, 1703317Marriage
Lydia AnnTatumFebruary 26, 193882Death
Katharina ReuterFebruary 26, 1915105Death
Florence Daisy SiegleFebruary 26, 1912108Death
Mary B. DenapleFebruary 26, 1911109Death
Henry C FarwellFebruary 26, 1904116Death
Mary Edith RIDERFebruary 26, 1900120Birth
Bertha Frances Alice ShepherdFebruary 26, 1887133Birth
Magdalena ReiterFebruary 26, 1887133Death
Josef ReuterFebruary 26, 1885135Death
Magdalena HunsickerFebruary 26, 1883137Death
Rachel NowlinFebruary 26, 1864156Death
Joseph ReiterFebruary 26, 1864156Birth
Elijah A. MunnFebruary 26, 1853167Death
John DriskillFebruary 26, 1849171Death
William E. CatlinFebruary 26, 1844176Birth
Paulina ReuterFebruary 26, 1844176Death
Walpurga RappFebruary 26, 1840180Birth
Emily WestcottFebruary 26, 1836184Birth
Magdalena HunsickerFebruary 26, 1811209Birth
Krezenz ReiterFebruary 26, 1810210Birth
Maria FallerFebruary 26, 1759261Death
Lydia UnderwoodFebruary 26, 1758262Birth
Josef MoosmannFebruary 26, 1757263Birth
Josef StorzFebruary 26, 1746274Birth
Romanus ARMBRUSTERFebruary 26, 1739281Death
Anna Barbara HeckerFebruary 26, 1731289Birth
Patience MuzzeyFebruary 26, 1723297Birth
Sarah FarwellFebruary 26, 1721299Birth
Rebecca SmithFebruary 26, 1715305Death
William STEVENSFebruary 26, 1704316Death
Mary RouttFebruary 26, 1689331Birth
Miriam AdamsFebruary 26, 1675345Birth
Anna KaltenbacherFebruary 26, 1673347Birth
Patience BROWNFebruary 26, 1672348Birth
Josiah ClevelandFebruary 26, 1667353Birth
Johannes Hecker + Julia RaqueltFebruary 26, 1839181Marriage
James WRIGHT + MaryFebruary 26, 1706314Marriage
Alice ArbogostFebruary 27, 194476Death
Alverna Catherine CarrollFebruary 27, 1914106Birth
Agatha HaberstrohFebruary 27, 1853167Birth
Josef ReuterFebruary 27, 1841179Death
Caroline E. RiderFebruary 27, 1838182Birth
Johann Nicolaus Anton VossFebruary 27, 1822198Birth
David HunsickerFebruary 27, 1819201Birth
Franziska ReiterFebruary 27, 1811209Birth
Johannes HunsickerFebruary 27, 1782238Birth
Jörg BühlerFebruary 27, 1773247Death
Maria Elisabetha HECKERFebruary 27, 1725295Death
Mark Kelseybefore February 27, 1723297Death
Johannes TrageserFebruary 27, 1717303Death
Jonathan GiletteFebruary 27, 1698322Death
William CHASE IIFebruary 27, 1685335Death
Isaac EgglestonFebruary 27, 1669351Birth
Georg RappFebruary 27, 1642378Birth
Thomas CruttendenFebruary 27, 1596424Birth
David Kistler + Tryphina HunsickerFebruary 27, 1853167Marriage
Valentin ZOLLER + Verena VOGELFebruary 27, 1786234Marriage
Johannes Heinrich HECKER + Anna MariaFebruary 27, 1743277Marriage
Johannes WILHELM + Anna Katharina KuhnFebruary 27, 1743277Marriage
Enoch Lewis + Mary KenyonFebruary 27, 1742278Marriage
John Malcom SpragueFebruary 28, 196753Death
Charles StudebakerFebruary 28, 195565Death
Nina Samantha MatthewsFebruary 28, 193882Death
James ReiderFebruary 28, 193684Birth
Matthew CarrollFebruary 28, 1909111Birth
Marguerite ReiderFebruary 28, 1899121Birth
Alvin O StrongFebruary 28, 1893127Death
Julia AdsitFebruary 28, 1885135Death
Josef ReuterFebruary 28, 1840180Birth
Susan B. WheatFebruary 28, 1815205Birth
Enoch KenyonFebruary 28, 1784236Birth
Lydia AlfordFebruary 28, 1783237Birth
Maria Catharina BeckerFebruary 28, 1776244Birth
Sarah SladeFebruary 28, 1726294Birth
Jerg FallerFebruary 28, 1723297Death
Johann Valentin BeckerFebruary 28, 1706314Death
Jacob KlausnerFebruary 28, 1705315Birth
Dorothy KelseyFebruary 28, 1704316Birth
Johanna (Julianna) EnochssonFebruary 28, 1697323Birth
Elizabeth HOWESFebruary 28, 1694326Birth
Benjamin CookFebruary 28, 1686334Birth
Eunice BrownFebruary 28, 1683337Birth
Maria ReiterFebruary 28, 1683337Birth
Sarah GARDINERFebruary 28, 1680340Birth
Georg StorzFebruary 28, 1643377Birth
John BurbageFebruary 28, 1568452Birth
Matthäus Reiter + Maria HaberstrohFebruary 28, 1759261Marriage
Franz Karl KLAUSNER + Kunegundis FleigFebruary 28, 1745275Marriage
Michael Moosmann + Gertrud Margaretha HeptingFebruary 28, 1688332Marriage
John de Mowbray + Joan PlantagenetFebruary 28, 1327693Marriage
Jonas HunsickerFebruary 29, 1796224Birth
Caroline W. FreemanMarch 195268Death
Anna Lela RaynorMarch 193981Death
Ruth Ball RiderMarch 1906114Death
Jacob WerleyMarch 1897123Death
Matthew Barrettabout March 1892128Death
Mary HavensMarch 1886134Birth
Marian Frances BeckenbachMarch 1886134Birth
Clara DenapleMarch 1886134Birth
Harriet PoehlmanMarch 1882138Birth
Clara HoffmanMarch 1882138Birth
Nellie DohneyMarch 1881139Birth
Elizabeth MillerMarch 1880140Birth
Harry WintersMarch 1878142Birth
George E HallMarch 1877143Birth
Edward BohlMarch 1875145Birth
Nathan C BartelsMarch 1873147Birth
Frank Delos HeathMarch 1872148Birth
Elizabeth ToddMarch 1872148Death
Ralph HeckerMarch 1870150Birth
Bertha ResslerMarch 1867153Birth
Ira HallMarch 1867153Birth
Robert Eli SmithMarch 1866154Birth
Netta GoodierMarch 1866154Birth
Eunice PRITCHARDMarch 1864156Death
Caroline AbelMarch 1864156Birth
Elizabeth BeckenbachMarch 1863157Birth
Anna Maria BeckenbachMarch 1858162Birth
Eva M. RobinsonMarch 1854166Birth
Phoebe BuddMarch 1854166Death
Salome Ann HunsickerMarch 1850170Birth
William H. HeckerMarch 1849171Birth
Elmira KemmererMarch 1849171Birth
Susan CraigMarch 1848172Birth
Joseph J MARTINMarch 1847173Birth
George J. HeckerMarch 1844176Birth
Peter J HeckerMarch 1843177Birth
Henry HeckerMarch 1841179Birth
Amelia Ermina GoffMarch 1836184Birth
John HEATHMarch 1829191Birth
Patrick MARTINMarch 1823197Birth
Kasimir GlatzMarch 1817203Birth
John CarrollMarch 1808212Birth
Mary CarrollMarch 1806214Birth
Frederick HUFFMANbetween March 1804 and February 1805216Death
John RedmonMarch 1795225Birth
Eunice SpragueMarch 1773247Birth
Peter BuellMarch 1769251Death
Franziska EnglerMarch 1762258Birth
Sarah WithersMarch 1756264Death
Joseph WoodmanseeMarch 1750270Death
Johannes SeckingerMarch 1736284Birth
Judith JONASDOTTERMarch 1727293Death
Barnabas SpragueMarch 1724296Birth
Benjamin SpragueMarch 1723297Birth
John Ballingerabout March 1722298Death
Hepzibah BuellMarch 1704316Death
Jacob RÜSCHMarch 1701319Birth
Leugardis ArmbrusterMarch 1696324Birth
Martha HULLafter March 1691329Death
Anna Maria FlaigMarch 1687333Birth
Abraham BailletMarch 1684336Birth
Brewster Higley SrMarch 1680340Birth
Samuel StevensMarch 1656364Birth
Jarrard SPENCERbefore March 1645375Death
JaneMarch 1641379Death
Guleyn VigneMarch 1632388Death
Olive IrbyMarch 1615405Death
the elder Thomas SACKETTMarch 1596424Death
Randall GrosvenorMarch 1560460Death
Florence Ellen WilsonMarch 1, 198337Death
Fred Douglas RiderMarch 1, 195070Death
George AdsitMarch 1, 192694Death
Joseph HunsickerMarch 1, 1899121Death
Stephen HunsickerMarch 1, 1882138Death
Eva TurnerMarch 1, 1880140Birth
Maud Lucy RobinsonMarch 1, 1872148Birth
Salome RexMarch 1, 1862158Death
Alice JEFFREYMarch 1, 1836184Death
Franziska ReiterMarch 1, 1827193Death
Johann Georg ReiterMarch 1, 1827193Death
Ebenezer RiderMarch 1, 1813207Death
Aaron WhittemoreMarch 1, 1762258Birth
Mehitable AdamsMarch 1, 1758262Death
Franziska ReiterMarch 1, 1754266Birth
John AdamsMarch 1, 1751269Death
Anna Maria StorzMarch 1, 1732288Death
Anna HerzogMarch 1, 1729291Death
Deborah WhittemoreMarch 1, 1708312Birth
Maria StorzMarch 1, 1694326Birth
Olive WELBYMarch 1, 1692328Death
Thomas UNDERWOODMarch 1, 1691329Death
Margaret HartyMarch 1, 1686334Death
Eva BilzMarch 1, 1674346Birth
Mary HallMarch 1, 1673347Birth
David Sheppard + Temperance SheppardMarch 1750270Marriage
Jeremiah Hall + Marietta L BauerMarch 1, 1857163Marriage
Amos Rogers + Elenore A CamptonMarch 1, 1842178Marriage
Joseph Leach + Betsy GoodierMarch 1, 1829191Marriage
Charles Washington CONWAY + Phoebe WOODMANSEEMarch 1, 1821199Marriage
Johann Georg Fleig + Agatha StorzMarch 1, 1772248Marriage
Frances Ann ShepherdMarch 2, 1891129Death
Joseph ReuterMarch 2, 1869151Birth
Josephine ReuterMarch 2, 1860160Birth
Johannes Michael ReuterMarch 2, 1849171Death
Magdalena HunsickerMarch 2, 1836184Death
Jakob ReiterMarch 2, 1834186Death
Conrad BilzMarch 2, 1830190Birth
Gregorius TritschlerMarch 2, 1830190Death
Anna Maria ReiterMarch 2, 1816204Death
Freedom Lord JrMarch 2, 1813207Birth
Elizabeth MunnMarch 2, 1804216Birth
Josef KlausnerMarch 2, 1797223Birth
Elisabeth RothMarch 2, 1780240Death
Stephen HUTCHINSONMarch 2, 1707313Birth
Anna Maria KingMarch 2, 1691329Death
Maria RechbergerMarch 2, 1677343Death
Margaretha GUSSERTMarch 2, 1673347Birth
Adam RAUCHMarch 2, 1670350Birth
Anna Maria DreherMarch 2, 1668352Birth
John RiderMarch 2, 1606414Birth
… … + … …March 2, 1829191Marriage
Benedict Gross + Kreszentia FallerMarch 2, 1829191Marriage
Asa Whittemore + Lucy MuzzyMarch 2, 1775245Marriage
Andreas Bilz + Susanna MullerMarch 2, 1772248Marriage
Johannes Konrad Bilz + Maria Margarethe MüllerMarch 2, 1771249Marriage
Wilhelmus PROVOOST + Jenne EERDEWIJNSMarch 2, 1603417Marriage