Reider-Underwood Genealogy

David S WoodmanseeAge: 73 years17811854

David S Woodmansee
Birth March 12, 1781
Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Latitude: N40.2878 Longitude: W74.1544

Death of a motherAlice JEFFREY
March 1, 1836 (Age 54 years)
New Lexington, Perry, Ohio, USA
Latitude: N39.7176 Longitude: W82.2095

Death of a fatherSamuel WOODMANSEE
April 26, 1837 (Age 56 years)
Fairfield, Highland, Ohio, USA
Latitude: N39.3331 Longitude: W84.5588

Death of a brotherJames Woodmansee
March 8, 1849 (Age 67 years)
Lee, Iowa, USA
Latitude: N40.6445 Longitude: W91.478

Death March 20, 1854 (Age 73 years)
Highland, Ohio, USA
Latitude: N39.184 Longitude: W83.6041

Highland Cem, Highland, Ohio
March 22, 1854 (2 days after death)

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Marriage: 1776Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
26 years
younger sister
-25 years
elder brother
20 months
elder sister
Mary Woodmansee
Birth: May 22, 1779Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death: September 13, 1866Fairfield, Highland, Ohio, USA
22 months
David S Woodmansee
Birth: March 12, 1781Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death: March 20, 1854Highland, Ohio, USA
2 years
younger brother
Francis Woodmansee
Birth: May 10, 1783Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey, USA
Death: November 11, 1865Highland, Ohio, USA
2 years
younger brother
Isaac Woodmansee
Birth: May 31, 1785Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death: Lexington, Highland, Ohio, USAApril 29, 1871
23 months
younger sister
23 months
younger sister
4 years
younger brother
James Woodmansee
Birth: December 17, 1792Forked River, Ocean, New Jersey, USA
Death: March 8, 1849Lee, Iowa, USA
1 month
younger sister
5 years
younger brother
Samuel W Woodmansee
Birth: December 15, 1797Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Death: October 25, 1875Highland, Ohio, USA
1 month
younger sister
Alice Woodmansee
Birth: January 6, 1798Monmouth, New Jersey, USA
Burial: Spring Cem, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Oh