Reider-Underwood Genealogy

Josiah CookAge: 63 years16101673

Josiah Cook
Birth about 1610
Latitude: N52.5898 Longitude: W1.4611

MarriageElizabeth RingView this family
September 16, 1635 (Age 25 years)
Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Latitude: N41.9584 Longitude: W70.6672

Birth of a daughter
Ann Cook
about 1636 (Age 26 years)
Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Latitude: N41.8301 Longitude: W69.9739

Birth of a son
Josiah Cook
about 1645 (Age 35 years)

Death of a daughterAnn Cook
July 24, 1656 (Age 46 years)
Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Latitude: N41.8301 Longitude: W69.9739

Marriage of a childJosiah CookDeborah HopkinsView this family
July 27, 1668 (Age 58 years)
Orleans, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Latitude: N41.7898 Longitude: W69.9897

Death October 16, 1673 (Age 63 years)
Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Latitude: N41.8301 Longitude: W69.9739

Family with Elizabeth Ring - View this family
Marriage: September 16, 1635Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
10 years
-8 years
Ann Cook
Birth: about 1636Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Death: July 24, 1656Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA
Steven Dean + Elizabeth Ring - View this family
wife’s husband

Shared note

Josiah Cook 1 died on 17 Oct 1673 in Eastham. [Ref][Ref] He married th e widow Elizabeth Deane on 16 Sep 1635 in Plymouth. [Ref] Elizabeth wa s the widow of Stephen Deane and the daughter of the widow Mary Ring . [Ref] In her will, dated 1633, Mary Ring left a bequest to her daugh ter Elizabeth, the wife of Stephen Deane. [Ref] It is not known if Eli zabeth is Elizabeth Ring or the daughter of a previous husband of Mar y Ring. She died by 3 May 1687 in Eastham, when inventory was taken o n her estate. [Ref]

Josiah was made a freeman in Plymouth on 14 Jan 1636/7. [Ref] He is i n the Plymouth sections of the 7 Mar 1636/7 and 1639 lists of freemen , but in the 1639 list his name is crossed out and then included in th e Nauset (Eastham) section. He is in the Eastham sections of the 165 8 and 29 May 1670 lists of freemen. [Ref] He is in the Plymouth sectio n of the 1643 list of men able to bear arms. [Ref]

Josiah was a tavern keeper; he was licensed to sell wine at Nauset o n 7 Jun 1648. [Ref] He was an inhabitant of Eastham on 22 May 1655. [R ef]

Josiah was active in public affairs. He was a frequent juryman, servin g on the grand jury on 5 Jun 1638 and 3 Jun 1656, the coroner's jury o n 5 Jun 1638 and the petit jury 14 times between 7 Mar 1636/7 and 25 O ct 1668. [Ref] He was a highway surveyer in Plymouth on 30 Mar 1639/4 0 and 2 Jun 1640 and in Easthan on 7 Jun 1648; he was on the committe e to divide land at Green's Harbour on 1 Jun 1640; he was on the commi ttee to purchase land from the Indians on 5 Jun 1651. [Ref] He was th e Plymouth constable on 2 Mar 1640/1 and 3 May 1641. [Ref] He was depu ty to the General Court from Eastham 14 times between 1 Jun 1647 an d 5 Jun 1671. [Ref] He was auditor of the treasurer's accounts six tim es between 10 Jun 1658 and 9 Jun 1665. [Ref] He was selectman in Easth am on 5 Jun 1666 and town clerk there on 7 Jun 1648. [Ref] He was auth orised to make contracts of marriage and administer oaths in Eastham o n 8 Jun 1664. [Ref]

Josiah was granted six acres to go with a home lot on 7 Nov 1636 in Pl ymouth. [Ref] He was given mowing ground on 20 Mar 1636/7; he was give n 40 acres on 5 Mar 1637/8; he was given 25 acres for Stephen Deane' s children in consideration of a lot that they had on the Duxbury sid e on 3 Sep 1638; he was given a small amount of meadow on 4 Mar 1638/9 ; he was given ten acres in the South Meadows on 2 Nov 1640. [Ref] Hi s further land dealings can be found in his entry in the Great Migrati on project. [Ref]

On 24 Mar 1633/4 Josiah was fined for a fight with Edward Doty in whic h Doty drew blood from Josiah. [Ref] On 4 Feb 1638/8 Josiah sued Joh n Combes, gentleman, for debt. [Ref]

Josiah's will is dated 22 Sep 1673 and it was proved on 29 Oct 1673. [ Ref] In it, Josiah says that he is about 63 years old. He left land an d his house to his wife Elizabeth during her life and to his son Josia h after her decease. He also left bequests to his daughter Bethiah Har ding and her children. He left special bequests to his grandchildren J oseph, Josiah and Amaziah Harding, Anna Snow, Josiah and Richard Cook , as well as two of his wife's grandchildren. [Ref] Inventory on his e state, excluding real estate, amounted to £104 17s. 4d. [Ref]