Reider-Underwood Genealogy

Anna MooreAge: 66 years19041971

Anna Moore
Birth July 19, 1904
Iowa, USA
Latitude: N42.05 Longitude: W92.2

Death of a sisterIrene Moore
1907 (Age 2 years)
Buchanan, Iowa, USA
Latitude: N42.4691 Longitude: W91.8394

Death of a motherRose Carroll
April 28, 1907 (Age 2 years)
Dubuque, Iowa, USA
Latitude: N42.4728 Longitude: W90.8858

Death of a fatherLuke Moore
December 20, 1945 (Age 41 years)
Iowa, USA
Latitude: N42.05 Longitude: W92.2

Death April 6, 1971 (Age 66 years)

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Marriage: January 6, 1897Buchanan, Iowa, USA
5 years
elder sibling
Lawrence Moore
Birth: June 13, 1902Buchanan, Iowa, USA
Death: October 12, 1903Independence, Buchanan, Iowa, USA
6 years
younger sister
Irene Moore
Birth: 1907Buchanan, Iowa, USA
Death: 1907Buchanan, Iowa, USA
-2 years
-6 years
elder brother
Eugene Moore
Birth: December 4, 1898Buchanan, Iowa, USA
Death: September 12, 1985Hazleton, Buchanan, Iowa, USA
-17 months
elder sister
Edna Moore
Birth: June 1897Buchanan, Iowa, USA
Death: 1990Buchanan, Iowa, USA
3 years
elder brother