Reider-Underwood Genealogy

William Walter ShepherdAge: 58 years18851943

William Walter Shepherd
Birth September 1, 1885

Death of a motherFlorence Emma Gorman
August 6, 1892 (Age 6 years)
Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Latitude: N38.7444 Longitude: W95.9591

Cause: Sepsis, typhoid Fever Complicated by Premature Labor
Death of a brotherArthur Shepherd
August 16, 1892 (Age 6 years)
Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Latitude: N38.9548 Longitude: W96.2003

Death of a half-sisterClaudia Marie Shepherd
September 4, 1899 (Age 14 years)
Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Latitude: N38.7444 Longitude: W95.9591

Burial of a half-sisterClaudia Marie Shepherd
September 5, 1899 (Age 14 years)
Harveyville, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Latitude: N38.79 Longitude: W95.9617

Death of a half-sisterVerna Iola Izora Shepherd
November 17, 1914 (Age 29 years)
St Clair, Missouri, USA
Latitude: N38.0261 Longitude: W93.7337

Death of a half-sisterNellie Viola Shepherd
May 28, 1924 (Age 38 years)
Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, USA
Latitude: N35.5939 Longitude: W105.2239

Death of a fatherWilliam Alfred SHEPHERD
January 25, 1934 (Age 48 years)
Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA
Latitude: N47.2529 Longitude: W122.4443

Death October 12, 1943 (Age 58 years)
Burlingame, Osage, Kansas, USA
Latitude: N38.7539 Longitude: W95.835

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: January 23, 1884Highland, Ohio, USA
19 months
William Walter Shepherd
Birth: September 1, 1885
Death: October 12, 1943Burlingame, Osage, Kansas, USA
18 months
younger sister
Bertha Frances Alice Shepherd
Birth: February 26, 1887
Death: November 14, 1963Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA
2 years
younger sister
Mabel Florence Shepherd
Birth: April 21, 1889
Death: February 14, 1957Venice, Los Angeles, California, USA
3 years
younger brother
Arthur Shepherd
Birth: August 1, 1892Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: August 16, 1892Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Father’s family with Claudia Daisy ROBINSON - View this family
Marriage: July 25, 1895Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
10 years
Olive Gladys SHEPHERD
Birth: January 21, 1905Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: December 20, 1996Huntington Beach, Orange, California, USA
-9 years
Alfred Leo Shepherd
Birth: May 16, 1896Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: February 12, 1968San Diego, California, USA
14 months
Lulu Maude Shepherd
Birth: July 4, 1897Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: July 11, 1986San Diego, California, USA
13 months
Claudia Marie Shepherd
Birth: August 5, 1898Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: September 4, 1899Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
13 months
Odessa Pearl Shepherd
Birth: September 6, 1899Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: March 13, 1970Sumner, Kansas, USA
3 years
Nellie Viola Shepherd
Birth: June 26, 1902Wilmington, Wabaunsee, Kansas, USA
Death: TB sanitariumMay 28, 1924Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, USA
5 years
Theodore Frank Shepherd
Birth: May 14, 1907St Clair, Missouri, USA
Death: disappeared 1937
7 years
Verna Iola Izora Shepherd
Birth: 1913St Clair, Missouri, USA
Death: November 17, 1914St Clair, Missouri, USA