Hiram Adsit & Louise Sprague Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Hiram Adsit family. Hiram was actually William Hiram Adsit but was known as Hiram most of his life probably due to the fact that his father was named William as well. Hiram and Louise were born and raised in Pennsylvania and both families had deep roots in America. They were married  in Crawford County, Pennsylvania in 1868. In 1884 they left Crawford for Butler County, Kansas. Unfortunately, Louise died soon after they arrived while giving birth to their daughter Julia who died ten days later. Hiram built a life for himself and his children in Kansas but never remarried. Hiram lived until 1919.


Hiram Adsit Family Group Sheet

Adsit Pictures


Adsit Newspaper Articles   (new articles 23 February 2019)


Federal Census Records : 1850   1860   1870   1880   1900   1910


Kansas State Census Records : 1885   1895   1905   1915


Kansas State Agricultural Census Records : 1885   1895   1905   1915


Civil War Census of Men Eligible for Military Service - Taken in Crawford County, PA in 1863


Crawford County Directory : 1871   1874


Plat Map 1876 - This is a landowner map of Greenwood Township in Crawford County, PA. Two parcels of Hiram's land are outlined.


Hiram Land Sales and Purchases


Plat Map 1905 - This is a landowner map of Fairview Township in Butler County, KS. Hiram's land is in the bottom right corner


John S Adsit Committment - Hiram's son John was judged insane and committed to the State Hospital in 1900 for what would become almost 54 years.


He was 29 years old at the time and was running Hiram's farm. In 1954 at the age of 82, he was released to a group home in Wichita and lived there until his death in 1959.


John S Adsit Estate - When John died at an assisted living facility in 1959 there was an estate.


Hiram Adsit Death Certificate


Hiram Adsit Obituary - Hiram died 25 Sept. 1919 at the age of 76. This obituary was in the Walnut Valley Times


Hiram Adsit Estate Papers - These are digital camera pictures taken at Butler County Courthouse. Some pages are shot more than once to get a better view.


Hiram and Louise Adsit Tombstone - This is located in the Towanda Cemetery. It was erected after Hiram's death.


Their Children :


Addie     John     Louise     Rachel     Ernest     Juanita     William H     Grace     Naomi     Leona     Julia



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