Joseph Conway & Sarah Turner Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Joseph Conway family. Joseph was an officer in the American Revolution. He was awarded 2400 acres in what would become Highland County, Ohio for his service. Although he never lived there, his descendants did. His family was important in Tennessee politics in the late 18th century and early 19th.


Joseph Conway Family Group Sheet


Federal Census Schedules :   1790   1800


Marriage Record


Joseph Rev War Record


Joseph Conway's Land Grant - This was awarded in 1797


Joseph Conway's Will


Photo of Joseph's grave marker - This grave is located in Jefferson County, Tennessee.


Photo of Dedication Ceremony for his Grave Marker - This was taken in April 2010


His Children :


Edward     Joseph     Elizabeth     Sarah     Peter     Charles     William     James




Updated on 11 May 2021

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