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This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Heath family. Heath is a relatively common name and has been difficult to trace very far. Samuel Heath's father may have been William Heath who reportedly was born in Virginia or North Carolina in approximately 1767. He was in Clark County, Indiana with other Heaths including Samuel by 1815. William was older than the other Heaths by far as would be expected if he was the father. His first wife, Hannah, died there as we know from the land records listing her. William remarried and had another family. They continued living in Indiana where William lived into his 80s. No definitive proof has yet been uncovered which proves this connection so at this point it is merely speculation.


The Heath families shared the American trait of wanderlust. Samuel was born in Virginia but met and married his wife Mary in Indiana. The young family spent several years in New York before making a long trek to Illinois. Even within Illinois they moved from Fulton County to McDonough County. John Heath and wife Ester spent time in Marshall County, Illinois before returning for a brief time to McDonough County. They moved to the largely unsettled Kansas in early 1869. Frank Heath only lived till the age of 30 and spent that in Butler County, Kansas. His son Bert left Kansas in 1921 to fashion a life working in the emerging oil fields of Southern California. The descendants of Samuel Heath are spread throughout the United States today.


Samuel Heath     1802 - 1872  (update 04 July 2021)

John Heath         1830 - 1894 (update 04 July 2021)


Frank B Heath    1873 - 1903 (update 04 July 2021)


Bert F Heath      1900 - 1964  (update 20 October 2020)

Patricia E Heath - Patricia married John J Reider in 1947


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Updated on 04 July 2021

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