Kelsey Family


The Kelsey family originated in Massachusetts but in later generations lived in upstate New York. This is one of those familes which has ancestors for both Reider and Underwood sides of the family. On the Underwood side the line is not yet confirmed. There are multiple Elisha Kelseys and ther link from Elisha to Elisha is not yet Definitive. Dates and circumstances indicate this is likely correct but some caution is warranted. The Reider side is descended through William's daughter Abigail. The Underwood side is descended through William's son Stephen. 

Underwood Side                                           Reider Side


William Kelsey     1600 - 1676                          William Kelsey     1600 - 1676      


Stephen Kelsey   1647 - 1710                           Abigail Kelsey  -  Abigail married John Hull. The line goes through Crittenden, Sprague, Adsit & Heath


Stephen Kelsey   1677 - 1745


Jonathan Kelsey  1702 - 1792


Elisha Kelsey       1743 - 1826


Elisha Kelsey       1783 - 1851

Eunice Martha Kelsey  -  Eunice Martha Kelsey married George Reed Beaujean.


Updated on 01 April 2020

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