Carroll Family


This page is devoted to all of the documents and records collected for the Carroll family. They originated in Ireland and the home county is Cavan. Thanks to the genealogical generosity of other Carroll descendants who are descended from Patrick's brother Matthew, we now know that Patrick's father was Peter Carroll and his mother was Ann McBrien (or possibly McBreen). They initially lived in Ohio but in 1858 moved to Dubuque County, Iowa. This is now opening up many exciting research possibilities besides getting to know new Carroll descendants.


Peter Carroll                     (1780 - 18xx)                 

Peter Carroll                     (1809 - 1885)


Patrick Carroll                   (1842 - abt 1878)


Thomas Francis Carroll    (1867 - 1944)


Irene Elizabeth Carroll      (1901 - 1984)   Irene married John Jerome Reider in 1922.


Other Carroll Families



Updated on 23 June 2019

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